Welcome to my handcrafted gift shop! I am so glad you found me! My name is Miriam Handfield and I am a Canadian artist and author living and creating from a farm based in Athabasca County, Alberta, Canada.

An artist and creator since childhood, in 2010 I began selling my handcrafted items professionally. Among the first creations sold were bird houses that featured my hand painted flowers, mixed media art canvases, and post cards featuring my photography. Along the way high quality wire wrapped beaded jewelry making was learned and added to my offerings.

In 2012 a little boy broke down crying in front of my jewelry booth. Through his tears he asked his mom why all the craft show tables always had stuff for his sister, but there was never anything for boys at them. As a mom of two boys, I understood what he was saying because I too was never able to find anything to take home to my boys. I drove home that night pondering about what I could do to fix that need so no little boy would ever feel left out again when passing by my booth or shop.

After much research, I decided on creating handcrafted wooden toys. My own sons were 3 and 4 at the time, so I was very much aware that certain toys posed choking hazards and safety risks. I studied as much as I could about toy making including reading the F963 US Toy Safety Directive and becoming familiar with Canadian toy making laws and Health Canada Toy Safety Regulations. Once I was confident in my decision to make children's toys, I looked for the best type of wood for toys, the best type of certified non toxic paints and certified non-toxic glosses that were not only compliant with the toy making laws but also were durable to withstand my boys rough play. I also invested in toy testing materials including the small part tester for children age 4 and under, the small parts tester for children age 2 and under, and the rattle tester for infants and babies. I then proceeded to create toys for imaginative play and added them to my product lineup.

When my youngest son was diagnosed with autism I developed some fidget style learning toys and some STIM toys because nothing was available on the market back then. The first educational toys I created specifically for learning to read were the reading spinners, an original creation of mine which unfortunately have been copied by other makers. But as a creative, to set myself apart from the copyists, I wrote short stories for each of the reading spinners and for some of the other wooden toys I offer.

Along with the toys, gifts, decor, artwork and printable downloads, that I also offer a selection of handmade wands. Since I'm a cottage creatrix who loves everything mystical and magical, these creations are very dear to my heart. Each wand is crafted with intention for the person it is being created for. It is my hope that the wand helps bring you magical moments and inspires you to live an enchanted life as well.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and browse through my creations. I hope you find something you love. If there is something you have a question about or would like custom created for you, please message me. I blend my own paint colours and can accept custom colour requests as well.

~ Miriam ~

P.S. If you would like to read reviews on my hand painted creations, you can check out my Etsy shops


Photo of Miriam Handfield