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Discover the Enchanted Delight of Small World Play.

Small world play has been around for a long time. When people hear about small world play questions arise. What is it? What age is it for? How do you small world play if you are not a kid? Well, please grab a cup of coffee and come discover the enchanting delight of small world play for all ages.

So what is small world play? Small world play is when you use child size characters, scenes, and resources to create stories and scenes from your imagination. These scenes can be put on display for visitors to see, used for photography, or used for hands on play. They can be displayed at home, at work, or in a place where people visit such as a library, shopping mall or museum. Small world play for adults can also include photography, role playing, and cosplaying different characters.

Small world play is meant to fuel your imagination, creativity and spirit. It will bring a smile to your face and help your emotional wellbeing. Small world play is rejuvenating and can be an important part of relaxation and stimulation for adults and children alike. In fact, some adults love small world play so much that they have even created careers around it such as toy photography, writing I Spy books, still frame movie making, owning toy museums, and cosplay acting.

Small world play characters, scenes and cosplay accessories are meant to capture your heart and imagination. Each handcrafted piece in this shop is labour intensive. Woodworking is done on a scroll saw and wood turning lathe, then sanded by hand to ensure there are no rough surfaces, no sharp corners and no sharp edges. Each item is hand painted by brush and sometimes painted by toothpick using certified non-toxic water based paints and certified non toxic weather resistant glosses. Characters have their own unique style, characteristics, embellishments, and personality. No two are exactly alike.

My toy brand provides you with the opportunity to purchase your very own unique small world characters, landscapes, miniatures, toys, and cosplay accessories to create your own imaginative scenes, rooms, fairy gardens, characters, and stories. Come discover the enchanted delight of small world play.

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