Toy Safety and Recalls

Toy Safety

We take toy safety very seriously. All our wooden toys have been created according to government of Canada toy making laws and regulations.

  • Our paint is lead-free
  • Wood is hand sanded so that surfaces are smooth, corners and edges rounded.
  • We use mainly maple in our wooden toys as maple is naturally antibacterial and very sturdy.
  • All toys are rated for age appropriateness
  • Any applicable toy safety warnings are labelled on toy packaging. This includes small parts and potential choking hazard warnings, potential strangulation hazard warnings and potential suffocation hazard warnings.


Toy Testing

  • In Canada third party testing is not mandatory and is allowed to be done by the maker of the toys in house. Applicable drop tests, small parts tests and other tests as per toy testing regulations are done in house.
  • Our paint is third party tested by the paint manufacturers and is certified non toxic
  • Our gloss is third party tested by the gloss manufacturers and is certified non toxic



We have no recalls.