Galaxy Wooden Rainbow (6 strand)

Galaxy Wooden Rainbow by Miriam Handfield
Galaxy Wooden Rainbow by Miriam Handfield

Miriam Handfield

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Fun to stack and play with, this solid maple rainbow can be used for open ended play. Use as a coral for wooden farm animals, a bridge for cars, a path for peg dolls, walls for a peg doll house, a tunnel for trains or a cave for wild wooden aliens to curl up in. Play is limited only by the imagination. When not used in play, it makes a beautiful display. Painted in certified non toxic water based paints and certified non toxic gloss.

Listing includes

  • 1 (one) solid maple "Galaxy 6 Strand" wooden rainbow

Colours: brown, blue, green, rust, gold, vanilla, natural maple


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  • approx 0.75 inch thick