Knights and Dragon Bowling Game

Dragon bowling ball with knight bowling pins. Bowling game hand painted by Miriam Handfield.

Miriam Handfield Gifts & Artwork

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Great for kids and adults alike. These wooden bowling pins are painted into knight figurines with a dragon ball. Standing at 3.75 inches in height by 1.75 inch diameter, each hand painted bowling pin art piece is a perfect fit for most tiered trays, window ledges and small display spaces when not in use as a toy or learning tool. Painted in certified non-toxic acrylic paint and finished in several layers of certified non-toxic gloss. Use for math games, storytelling or as a decoration. Each set is one of a kind hand painted by artist.

Listing includes
  • 5 bowling pins painted like knights
  • 1 ball painted like a dragon
  • 1 set of instructions for 3 different math games.


  • pins: 3.75 inches high x 1.75 inches diameter
  • ball: 1.75 inch diameter

Age Recommendation
  • Recommended for ages 4 years and older

Canadian Toy Safety Warnings
  • None applicable