New Moon Ritual Workbook

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This workbook is based off of new moon ritual observances mentioned throughout the Bible. New moon ritual ceremonies were about repentance, reconciliation and renewal of spirit and faith. This printable journal includes sections for you to write in so you can plan, create, work through and record your own special new moon Bible studies and rituals.

{Included In Your Printable Download}
• Number of pages: 20
• Files Included: 1 pdf file
• Colour: black
• File: instant download
• page size: 8.5 x 11 inches

{Printable Download PDF Workbook Includes}
• 1 cover page
• 2 informative pages with Biblical references and historical background
• 1 idea page for decorating the sacred space and work area
• 1 example page for a new moon ritual observance
• 1 workbook journaling page to fill in information of dates/times of new moon
• 1 workbook journaling page for tea and bread recipes
• 1 workbook journaling page for intention setting
• 1 workbook journaling page for repentance and reconciliation
• 2 workbook journaling pages for "Way OF The Cross Reading"
• 1 page of instructions for Way of The Cross Reading (a reading used for shedding light on what direction and course of action in spiritual life)
• 1 workbook journaling page for planning your ritual
• 2 workbook journaling pages for meditational writing
• 4 workbook journaling pages for dream recording and interpretation
• 1 about the author page

{Additional Items You May Need}
• Printer and black ink
• Bible
• Pen

For doing the Way of The Cross Reading included in this package, you will need the following card decks:
• Angel Message Cards
• Bible Verse Cards
• Random Acts of Kindness Cards
• Release & Surrender Card Deck

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{Important Notes}
• Once saved to your computer, you can print this document as many times as you would like. You can print individual pages off too.
• This workbook is for individual personal use only.
• File is not to be shared
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• File is not for commercial use

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(C) Copyright 2022. Miriam Dawn Handfield. Colinton, Alberta, Canada. All Rights Reserved.
Derived works of this book may not be created without written consent from author.

• Way Of The Cross Card Reading Spread is an original card spread created by Miriam Dawn Handfield