Out Of The Broom Closet (soft cover pre-order)

Miriam Handfield

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Out of the Broom Closet is a thought-provoking, engaging exploration of life as a “witchy” Christian. Packed full of scripture references, easy to-follow suggestions for celebrating the Wheel of the Year and moon phases, and practical instructions for using the magickal gifts of the Holy Spirit, it’s sure to enlighten and inspire even the most skeptical of readers.

Miriam grew up in several Protestant churches, but she always felt different or out of place. Drawn to what many consider “occult” practices, she knew there was something more for her spiritually. At the same time, she struggled with the disconnect between what she read in the Bible and what she heard taught by various Christian preachers and teachers. Inspired by her own dad to study the Word of God herself and pray about it, she entered a healing, fulfilling relationship with the Holy Trinity, nature, and her own convictions.

Miriam knows that she’s not alone, and she prays that her story will encourage others to let their light shine and follow the path God is leading them down without guilt or fear.

A book that could change your life, Out of the Broom Closet breaks down stereotypes and barriers and provides a pure, open look at the joy of serving Jesus as a “Christian Witch”. It will affirm and inspire those who experience their Christian life outside the prescribed confines of the church, and it will challenge their fellow believers to consider a broader understanding of spirituality.


About the Author

Miriam Handfield grew up in a Christian family as the daughter of a Protestant pastor. As an adult she studied Wiccan practices and beliefs for a few years before she figured out how to blend her faith in the Holy Trinity with her passion for moon phases, herbs, crystals, and wheel of the year celebrations. After members of a Facebook group for witchy Christians asked her to write about her practice and include Bible verses, she began to pen Out of the Broom Closet.

A professional artist specializing in handmade wooden toys, décor, and mixed media, her skills shine through in the craft instructions and recipe ideas included in the pages of this book. It’s her hope that Christians drawn to the Craft will develop a deeper understanding of the Bible and the biblical ways the Craft can be used to heal themselves and others while bringing glory to God.

She lives in Alberta, Canada, and has been a witchy Spiritual Christian for over 25 years.

Book includes sections on:

  • Wheel of the Year Celebration Rituals for witchy Christians
  • New Moon and Full Moon Celebration Rituals for witchy Christians
  • Explanation of the Differences Between The Gifts of The Holy Spirit and the type of witchcraft that the Bible says not to do
  • Explanation of some of the tools used by witchy Christians
  • Bible-based Prayer Spells


Book is Currently in publishing phase by FriesenPress. Will be released in Spring 2022.

Listing is for printed soft cover edition.