Turtle Figurines

Miriam Handfield

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SKU: 336-161


Cute little set to adorn your tiered trays, window sill or shelf. Each 1 inch turtle is hand painted in non-toxic paints and finished in non-toxic gloss. Tiny 1 inch turtles are not glued onto the lid and pot, so they can be arranged in different ways on your display. A great gift idea for someone who loves turtles.


Set includes: 

  • 6 wooden turtle figurines
  • 1 pot with lid
  • scoop



  • turtle figurines approx 1 inch diameter by 0.5 inch high
  • pot with lid approx 2.5 inch diameter by 2.25 inch high
  • scoop approx 3.5 inches long by 1.25 inch diameter



1 turtle in each of the following colours

  • silver sage
  • sunflower leaf
  • golden chestnut
  • country clay
  • country shale
  • golden pear




Decorative Item

Potential Choking Hazard. Not Suitable for kids under 6 years of age.