Meet the Maker Behind the Artwork


 About the maker:

Miriam Handfield is a professional artisan who has been selling her handcrafted goods and artwork since 2011. For the last 7 years she had been creating for the Canadian wooden toy brand MDH Toys until the corporation that made MDH Toys closed.

In August 2021 she decided to follow her passion and work as an independent artist. Miriam's vision is to help create a world where magic, imagination and wonder can be found in every corner of the home.

Miriam loves crafting by moonlight and enjoys enchanted drives around her farm. Living in the boreal forest area of Northern Alberta, she is blessed to be living in a cottage where the next door neighbors are very different than found in the city. Moose, deer, coyotes, squirrels, ravens, and the odd bear are the local neighbours.

Her cottage studio is in a special magical clearing where birds sing, chipmunks chatter and mice dance in the field. Beautiful and lush, this area is full of flora, fauna, and fungi. In every season the wind is forever whispering positive vibes through the large towering spruce trees, encouraging the creative forces of nature and the four elements to constantly empower and inspire her creativity.  

She is an artisan, artist and cottage creatrix with an upcoming book currently being publish and released in 2022.


Photo of Miriam Handfield