Silent E Reading Spinners

Miriam Handfield Gifts & Artwork


With each turn of a red letter block a new word is formed. The second block on each of the reading spinners has the same vowel painted on all 4 sides and the last block alternates with 2 blank sides and 2 sides painted with an e. This set features 5 reading spinners with a different vowel on each spinner so that it allows for isolated vowel comprehension. Set creates 128 real words in total, 32 real words on each spinner. Some words are well known and some are rare, but all are found in the dictionary. 

Included in set

  • 4 reading spinners (a,a,o,i)



  • Each block is 1.5 inch cubed
  • Total spinner length approx 8 inches long


Age Recommendation

  • Age 4 years and up


Toy Safety Warnings

  • Warning. Possible choking hazard. Not intended for children under age 4.