Bowls of Balls With Pot, Lid & Scoop (Frosted Leaves)

Miriam Handfield


 Tiny bowls of balls can be used for colour sorting, counting, adding, subtracting. Fine motor skills are honed by scooping balls up with the scoop and pouring them into the bowls. This set of tiny 3/4 inch balls with with 2 1/2 inch diameter bowls is a great addition to a Montessori tool kit.


Bundled set includes: 

  • 6 ring bowls (approx 2.5 inch diameter at its widest points by 1.25 inch high)
  • 18 balls (approx 3/4 inch diameter)
  • 1 pot with lid (approx 2.5 inch diameter at its widest points by approx 2.25 inch high)
  • 1 scoop (approx 3 inches long, 1.25 inch wide at widest points)



1 bowl and 3 balls in each of the following colours

  • smoky grey
  • rowan brown
  • golden pear
  • seafoam blue
  • country linen
  • wild mushroom


Product Safety Warnings:

WARNING! POTENTIAL CHOKING HAZARD. Not Suitable for kids under 4 years of age.