Bowls of Acorns with Pot, Lid & Scoop (Frosted Leaves)

Miriam Handfield


Adorable little wooden bowls of acorns are super cute! They are great for sensory bins, opened ended play, play kitchens, counting, sorting, and scooping. To help hone fine motor skills the acorns can be turned upside down and spin them like spin tops.  They also make great additions to fall decor. Tuck pieces into tiered trays, table centerpieces, or use as cute little place settings. Tiny 1.25 inch long solid maple acorns and 2.5 inch diameter solid maple bowls are painted with certified non-toxic paints and finishes.


Bundled set includes: 

  • 6 ring bowls (approx 2.5 inch diameter at its widest points by 1.25 inch high)
  • 12 acorns (approx 3/4 inch diameter by 3/4 inch high)
  • 1 pot with lid (approx 2.5 inch diameter at its widest points by approx 2.25 inch high)
  • 1 scoop (approx 3 inches long, 1.25 inch wide at widest points)



1 bowl and 2 acorns in the following colours

  • smoky grey
  • rowan brown
  • golden pear
  • seafoam blue
  • country linen
  • wild mushroom


Product Safety Warnings:

WARNING! POTENTIAL CHOKING HAZARD. Not Suitable for kids under 4 years of age.